While the quality of a digital intraoral sensor’s HD images is often its biggest selling point, its reliability and versatility should not be undervalued; dental professionals need to be 100% confident in a sensor’s ability to perform day in and day out with minimal headaches and as few complications as possible. A simple workflow provides more time and energy to focus on what matters most: the accuracy of a diagnosis and the patient’s complete satisfaction. The Tuxedo Digital Intraoral Sensor by LED Apteryx offers all this and more – its universal direct-USB compatibility with no inline boxes, hubs or controls means the sensor is ready at all times with no activation required and its universal capabilities ensure a simple, streamlined workflow from start to finish. In addition, the removal of inline boxes or hubs results in fewer points for possible failure; the simplicity and versatility the Tuxedo Digital Intraoral Sensor not only ensures an enhanced workflow but also provides peace of mind in knowing that it just works.

Universal Direct-USB Compatibility for a Streamlined Practice Workflow.

Call us toll free at 1-877-APTERYX for a customized quotation or complete the form below and we’ll contact you.  We can schedule a demonstration of the Tuxedo sensor as well as our XrayVision software and filters, or review our unique, no obligation 30-day trial program.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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