Jo-Anne Jones, Key Opinion Leader, for a number of corporations within the dental community was interviewed by Gary Takacs on The Thriving Dentist.

The interview focuses on “how and why the incidence of oral cancer has changed over the past 10 years, how Jo-Anne’s personal and professional life have been impacted by oral cancer, what do Dental Professionals needs to know about oral cancer and how Dental Professionals can make a difference by getting serious about oral cancer screening.”

Titled Oral Cancer: An Emerging Pandemic with Jo-Anne Jones RDH this 55.39 min podcast is now available for download.

Download Jo-Anne Jones’ podcast now.

Jo-Anne-Jones (150x150)

Jo-Anne Jones, RDH is an international speaker, consultant, author and President of RDH Connection Inc., a practice management and clinical training company. Her frank and open style of lecturing complemented by the provision of clinical resources stands her in good stead for tackling these difficult topics.

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