In this VELscope Vlog Hero Spotlight, Sonya Dunbar, the Geriatric Tooth-fairy tells us why regular oral cancer screenings & early detection is key for all ages!

Everyday Hero – Sonya Dunbar, the Geriatric Tooth-fairy

Hello. My name is Sonya Dunbar and I’m affectionately known as the Geriatric Tooth Fairy, and my purpose and mission in life is to save as many seniors as I can from becoming sick and dying from oral care.

I’m so excited that April was oral cancer awareness. Many seniors that live in the community long-term care facilities or assisted living facilities do not get regular oral cancer screening.

I’ve also noticed the increase of seniors who have dentures or no teeth, not even getting oral cancer screenings, or even going to the dentist.

Every one with the mouth needs to get an oral cancer screening.

I’m so excited to help my seniors to be able to provide the necessary or cancer screenings. When I go into long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, and even meet seniors and communities and help them get screened.

So let’s get out there and continue to do as many oral cancer screenings as possible.

Thank you from Sonya Dunbar, the Geriatric Tooth Fairy.

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