Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Hero Patient Marketing PPC Program



Direct to Consumer Lead Generation Marketing Program | 7 NEW Patient Leads Per Month!

Are you saving lives? Let the world know! Jump start patient oral cancer awareness and new patient generation with a dedicated practice landing page, creative assets for your social media channels, digital signage, and more. Enroll your practice today and gain patient trust by becoming a ✅ Certified VELscope Center. Early detection and communication is key to oral cancer awareness. A brief oral screening with your clinically backed, award winning, non-invasive VELscope®, can help start a conversation about the importance of routine oral screenings and how it can save lives!

Paid Media Advertising $2,500 per month

We Tailor Your PPC Strategy According To Your Business’s Goals.

The Hero Patient Marketing Program is designed to increase your brand awareness and reputation as a leading healthcare professional in your area, to generate leads and direct them directly to your ✅ Certified VELscope Center, and to drive sales to your practice. The average practice sees return on their investment within the first 3 scheduled patients. Our PPC experts know how to run successful digital advertising campaigns and optimize every dollar spent. We’ll increase your PPC ROI, establish a strategic foundation for future ad success, build and optimize your lead-generation engine, and ensure your PPC marketing efforts generate ongoing results. Types of advertising include: Search Ads, Display Ads, Re-marketing, Facebook Ads, Video Ads

Consumer Marketing Program – Be a Hero Challenge

We find you the patients, you screen them! 

Our dedicated super team is committed to savings lives. We invite you to take the Hero Challenge, where we market your practice to nearby audience with a goal of finding you new patients interested in learning more about the signs & symptoms of oral & oropharyngeal cancer. We will directly connect patients to your ✅ Certified VELscope Center ready for you to schedule an oral cancer screening exam.

What you get:

  • Monthly Lead Generation Advertising (PPC) campaign
  • 2 CEU ✅ Certified VELscope Online Certification (online training)
  • ✅ Certified VELscope Center door decal
  • Patient Lead Management
  • Marketing Tracking Platform
  • Custom Practice Marketing Kit
  • Custom Chatbot Oral Cancer Quiz
  • Personalized QR Code
  • Custom Practice Landing Page
  • Search Engine Optimization

Hero Practice Patient Collateral

Educate patients with custom collateral. You’ll receive a personalized QR code on your hero practice marketing material to help drive traffic to your custom landing page, where patients can learn more about the importance of routine oral health screenings. Routine Oral Health Screenings Are Key.


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Hero Patient Marketing PPC Program