Patient comfort should be a top priority for any dental practice – everybody wants to feel comfortable and at ease in the dentist chair. Unfortunately, many dental devices are inherently invasive in nature. People appreciate any efforts made to prioritize their comfort; the more comfortable your patient is the more satisfied they will feel with your service. This means more return visits and, ultimately, more business for your practice.

Physical design features of intraoral sensors can significantly impact patient comfort; most patients worry about experiencing pain and irritation during routine procedures and may be reluctant to have an intraoral sensor placed in their mouth. It is becoming increasingly important to take into consideration various aspects of the sensor’s construction to ensure the best possible imaging outcomes while also considering a patient’s comfort level.

The Tuxedo Digital Intraoral Sensor has a thin, ergonomic design featuring rounded corners, beveled edges and a rear-exiting cable connection; it is intended to fit into your patient’s mouth more comfortably than competing models. These simple design considerations ensure a more relaxed experience for your patient while you are gathering and processing image data. In addition, the Tuxedo Digital Intraoral Sensor is available with two sensor profiles that maximize the x-ray activation zone while accommodating variances in mouth size: use size #2 for typical adult mouths and #1 for smaller mouths or for children. Simply select the sensor size which enables placement of the sensor without excessive pinching or pressure on soft tissues to ensure the largest, most accurate images as well as a comfortable patient experience.

An Ergonomic Design for Patient Comfort and Satisfaction.

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