We understand that the accuracy of your diagnosis is paramount. Digital sensors must provide clear radiographs to enhance your ability to diagnose. The Tuxedo Intraoral Sensor by LED Apteryx offers HD imaging for dental practices that’s all that and more, satisfaction guaranteed.

When using a digital intraoral sensor for image acquisition, the higher the resolution of the sensor, the easier you will be able to identify defects or clinical issues for your patients. The Tuxedo Intraoral Sensor offers a confirmed actual HD image resolution of 20 lp/mm.  Best of all, it provides you this imaging capability at up to 50% of the cost when considered alongside competing sensors with comparable resolution. In addition, the Tuxedo Intraoral Sensor features a streamlined, ergonomic design, plug-and-play direct USB connection, a reinforced cable for reliability and a 3-year, no deductible product warranty.

The Tuxedo Intraoral Sensor’s HD imaging capabilities align seamlessly with Apteryx XrayVision and XVWeb imaging software. There are simply no compromises.

HD Imaging for Dental Practices – Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Call us toll free at 1-877-APTERYX for a customized quotation or complete the form below and we’ll contact you.  We can schedule a demonstration of the Tuxedo sensor as well as our XrayVision software and filters, or review our unique, no obligation 30-day trial program.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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