Flexible, on-demand financing for businesses

We’ve partnered with Behalf to help you access more purchasing power! For our (BYO*) Build-Your-Own Solution, you can now free up cash flow for other business purchases and enjoy the flexibility paying over time. Use the app to get pre-qualified for up to $50K**. Once prequalified, follow the steps to submit your order and pay with your new business purchasing line.

With Behalf, you can be confident your business has the purchasing power it needs, when and where it needs it.

Get pre-qualified for up to $50K.

A win-win payment solution

We enjoy prompt payment, while you free up cash flow for other business purchases and enjoy the flexibility of paying Behalf back over time.*

How It Works

Enrollment is quick and easy.

Enroll in under 2 minutes: Five simple steps. Most US-based businesses in good credit standing, with positive annual business income and no recent defaults or delinquencies can enroll quickly. Hassle-free, no large sign-up fees, access to apply for business financing when and how you need it with each transaction!

Increase purchasing power.

Buy what you need to run your  business, when you need it.

Checkout With Behalf

Using Behalf as a preferred payment method for your purchase, we get paid the next business day after transaction approval* and you can keep your payables current.

Purchasing limits from $3K to $50K*

Set Financing Details*

Extended financing periods from 30 to 180 days — available at low fixed fees of $1-$3 for every $100 spent, subject to availability and underwriting approval. Get a 10% ᐩ discount on financing fees each time you select a weekly estimated debit schedule for your business. Prefer NET 30 financing? Behalf offers that, too!

Pay over time.

Apply for Financing and Place your Order!

Each Order Request or application for financing is processed through a transaction request. Save time and money with Behalf for purchases made online, in-store or over the phone as Behalf pays your merchant directly, on your business’s behalf, at the time of purchase.

Behalf reports all payments to major business credit bureaus monthly.

Build business credit as you pay.

Accelerate cash flow and power your business.

Ready to enjoy more purchasing power?

Sign up and get a real-time pre-qualification decision.*

*Financing only applies to “BYO” Build-Your-Own (3) month (6) month or (1) year terms for bespoke packages. **Approval subject to meeting underwriting criteria determined at time of transaction submission. Assuming the transaction is paid with virtual  credit card, the majority of payments are made the same business day once approved. If the transaction is made with ACH, it will be processed the next business day, which can take up to 3.5 calendar days (i.e.: if transaction occurs after ACH cutoff time: Thursday at 6pm PST). Delays  could occur due to unforeseen circumstances, or additional information or verification required. The majority of customers receive an approval  decision within 24 business hours (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm EST) and in many cases, a same-day decision. Loans are funded by FinWise Bank, a Utah-chartered bank located in Sandy, Utah, member FDIC, Equal Opportunity Lender. Merchant Cash Advances are made by Behalf. For more information on ECOA, click here. For important information about opening a new account, review Patriot Act procedures here. Visit Legal to review our comprehensive program terms, conditions, and disclosures.